Thursday, 26 January 2017

Detoxification process

There are many systems and organs involved in detoxification.  Some are more important than others, by supporting their functions will result in a more thorough and pleasant detoxification.

The liver is an organ which performs most of the labor during detoxification.  The liver removes pollutants from the bloodstream, identifies them, and makes them safer for excretion.

The first step is called Phase One Liver Detox and this involves making fat-soluble toxins more water-soluble.  They are then eliminated through the bowels and kidneys.  Phase One is highly reactive toxic metabolites waiting for Phase Two Treatment.  High levels of antioxidants are needed to balance and neutralize these substances.

The second step is called Phase Two Liver Detox which uses different protein molecules to bind intermediate products, making them safer for elimination.

Many toxins are excreted through the bowel, so a well-functioning bowel movement is an essential part of the detoxification.  Many detox programs include bowel herbs, bulking fiber such as psyllium husks, products like bentonite clay that bind toxins or cleanses through enemas or colonic irrigation.  You can ensure maximum removal of toxic elements through cleansing and supporting bowels.

Your kidneys filter and process large amounts of toxins.  During cleansing it is essential to drink plenty of fluids in order to support kidney functions.  Drinking various juices such as celery, cucumber, watermelon, and black cherry can boost their detoxification abilities.  Kidneys are the receptacle for “Chi” or Energy of Life-force.  You should have plenty of rest, keeping warm and gentle movement along with meditation.  This will revitalize and nourish your kidneys' energy.

Your skin is your largest organ and can release toxins especially when assisted by dry skin body brushing and spending time in a sauna.  These practices will boost the effectiveness of detoxification by allowing the release of toxins through the skin and by activating your lymphatic system which will remove many waste products.

Another extremely important component is your breath.  Your lungs are very powerful for moving toxic matter out of your body.  Through deep breathing during yoga or meditation is a very important tool for supporting your body.

Monday, 12 September 2016

What Amity Wellness Promises You

Renew, Rest, and Relaxation
At Amity Wellness, we welcome our guests as they partake in a journey of spirit, body and mind. We do this with proven programs which are effective and safe. The program utilizes natural herbs, raw foods, daily colon cleansing, fiber cleansing shakes, yoga, fitness classes, meditation, alternative therapies, and holistic spa treatments.
The location of Amity Wellness provides the best setting for achieving your successful detox in the Thailand area.
Fasting and Detox Programs
 Bridging Your Spirit, Body and Mind
We have three choices which are safe, well-proven, and effective for cleansing the body. Each one of these programs offers a different intensity level and will yield different results. The programs provide you with daily nutrition which utilize raw, living foods as well as natural organic herbs. The programs come complete with fiber cleansing shakes, daily massage, a liver cleansing drink, and colon cleansing twice each day. We have specialists in fasting and they can help you decide which program will meet your individual needs and criteria.

Additions to the Detox Program

At Amity Wellness we have a wide range of resident therapists which have plenty of experience. They are there to assist you in your spirit, mind, and body transformation. When you go through the fast, your Holistic Self may receive benefit from these therapies as the detoxification purifies the emotional body as well as the physical body. When you go through a fast, this is the perfect time to receive these sorts of therapies. During the fast, you’re more able to incorporate these benefits in an effective way.

Where is Amity Wellness Located?

The Amity Wellness retreat is an 8-bedroom boutique style resort. It’s located less than 10 miles from the beaches of Phuket. You can get a daily beach shuttle at the resort as it’s included. The resort has its own juice bar, yoga room, massage room, and spa. The Amity Wellness resort is a short drive from shopping, salons, Muay Thai Camps, sightseeing and the other great tourist attractions found in Phuket.

Where is the Resort?

Phuket is a large island and its connected to the mainland by a bridge. It’s found off the west cost of Thailand and it’s in the Andaman sea.

How Do I Get There?
There’s a large international airport in Phuket. It has many direct flights to many areas. You could also fly into Bangkok and then take a flight to Phuket.

Visit our site for more info: Amity Wellness - Detox Thailand  

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Fasting and Detox Programs

Bridging the Spirt, Mind and Body

There are different detoxification programs available at Amity Wellness. These programs can be made to suit your individual needs and objectives. We review your online health assessment and your commitment to the pre-cleansing protocol and look at the saliva pH test. Our trained consultants then help you decide which program or combination of services, will offer you the best opportunity for effective detoxification in a safe manner.

What Amity Wellness Represents
Holistic Change Awakening
In our logo we feature a butterfly. This represents the transformation from the egg to caterpillar and then to a spectacular butterfly. When you take part in a program at Amity Wellness you are also experiencing profound changes and a transformation in your mind, spirit, and body. You’ll come out of the experience like a beautiful butterfly that’s ready for a new life and new beginnings. Amity means harmony peace, friendship between groups nations, and individuals. Wellness means a positive state of vitality and health.
Our VIP Diagnostic Consultation
To take the speculation and guesswork out of your healthy concerns you can use the functional lab work analysis. Our licensed practitioner is Michelle Cooper and you can get specific lab work done and then the results can be interpreted so possible healing opportunities can be identified and solutions can be made.

The VIP Diagnostic Protocols are potent, proven, individualized, and professional to help build up your optimal wellbeing and health. You won’t just treat symptoms any longer. Most of the programs require an additional 90-day commitment and will offer an comprehensive insight into your internal vitality and health.